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Services Offered
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Functional Medicine

Initial Evaluation: $295 for 30-45 minute appointment

Follow Ups: $175 for 20-30 minute appointment

Please note that Dr. Bay spends a significant amount of additional time reviewing history, labs and researching cases. 

Want to know more about what functional medicine is? Click here. 

All appointments are via video or telephone. 

Functional Medicine appointments utilize specialized laboratory analysis, special diets, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, health coaching, stress reduction strategies and lifestyle modification. Please note, Dr. Bay does not handle prescriptions. Lab testing may or may not be covered by insurance and is not included in the cost of appointments. Functional testing investigates vitamins, minerals, physiological processes such as amino acid breakdown and absorption, neurotransmitter production/metabolism, urea cycle and ammonia detox, glutathione production, inflammatory markers, methylation, exposure to toxic elements, energy production, circadian rhythm/adrenal stress index testing, plasma fatty acid profiles, liver detoxification, food allergies, gut microbiome/stool analysis, comprehensive hormone panels and more.

The initial consultation: is a comprehensive gathering of information. Dr. Bay believes a thorough and complete history is essential in getting to the bottom of your health concern.  She aims to get the full story on your complaints and evaluates any physical, chemical or emotional factors that may be influencing your health. Dr. Bay will present the areas of concern, proposed plan of action, suggested testing options and estimated length of care. She may suggest health coaching as a complimentary service to support lifestyle changes. You will be given the option to sign up for an appropriate care plan, depending on your individualized concerns and health issues. If you would like Dr. Bay to review any labs prior to your visit, please email them at least 7 days before your scheduled visit to

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Bay's services are self-pay. Dr. Bay does not take any form of health insurance, and does not provide insurance codes, super bills, special letters, or any other special invoices or receipts for insurance purposes for any functional medicine visits.















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