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Services Offered
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Functional Medicine

Appointments available via video or telephone


New Patient Initial Evaluation:

45 minute appointment ($295): Intake appointment to gather a thorough history, recommended testing and foundational first steps. If you would like Dr. Bay to review any labs prior to your visit, please email them at least 3 business days before your scheduled visit to

Follow Ups: 

30-40 minute appointment ($250): Standard appointment consults that include enough time to review lab work and discuss new protocols. 

15-20 minute appointment ($175): Mini appointments designed to check in, review symptoms or questions about an existing protocol (not enough time for lab review). 

Please note that Dr. Bay spends a significant amount of additional time reviewing history, labs and researching cases. 

Want to know more about what functional medicine is? Click here. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Bay's services are self-pay. Dr. Bay does not take any form of health insurance, and does not provide insurance codes, super bills, special letters, or any other special invoices or receipts for insurance purposes for any functional medicine visits.















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