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Dr. Kelly Bay DNM, DC, CNS, CDN is a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of humanitarian services, doctor of chiropractic, certified nutrition specialist and dietician. She is an award winning functional medicine practitioner who helps provide evidenced based protocols to address various chronic illnesses and optimize health. Dr. Bay earned her Doctor of Chiropractic, Master's in Human Nutrition with a focus in Functional Medicine and Bachelor of Science in GS: Natural Sciences & Mathematics degrees from the University of Bridgeport.

Dr. Bay received an award from the LGBT Network, along with New York state congressional recognition, in December 2019, for her innovative functional medicine approaches aimed at improving the health status of HIV+ individuals. In August of 2022, the World Organization of Natural Medicine affirmed and honored her as a doctor of humanitarian services for her extensive non-profit work. Dr. Bay has worked with various HIV nonprofit organizations, providing functional protocols for HIV patients with health issues such as: diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and several other HIV related comorbidities. Dr. Bay has also been a guest/source in many podcasts, magazines and press articles such as Oxygen Magazine, NBC News, Livestrong, Bustle, Healthline and more. 

Dr. Bay uses in depth functional diagnostic testing to uncover the root causes behind many vague symptoms or conditions that are oftentimes missed by conventional screenings. Dr. Bay makes a point to attend a variety of functional medicine and nutritional seminars throughout the year, in an effort to remain well informed of the rapidly changing techniques and protocols available to her patients. Dr. Bay’s clinical expertise is in developing natural, personalized lifestyle medicine approaches to autoimmunity, gut disorders and many other chronic diseases. Whether you are looking to optimize your health or find natural approaches to improve your health status, Dr. Bay has an evidence based, comprehensive approach to improve your health and wellness.

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