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Trans fats explained

There are two types of trans fats; Natural Trans Fats and Artificial Trans Fats.

NATURAL TRANS FATS: These are also referred to as ruminant trans fats and are found in animal and dairy products in small quantities. Studies have shown that these trans fats do not appear to be harmful in moderate amounts and can even be beneficial for the body. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an example of a beneficial trans fat found in grass-fed cows with health benefits such as reducing risk of heart disease through its anti-inflammatory properties.

ARTIFICIAL TRANS FATS: Are man-made fats that are also referred to as hydrogenated fats. These fats tend to make processed food items last longer and are not found in nature. These fats have been associated with greater cardiovascular disease risk and increased inflammation.

What foods contain artificial trans fats? You may be surprised to learn these are found in packaged foods such as baked goods, cookies, cakes, frozen pies, fast food items, candies, coffee creamers, pre-made dough products, breads, microwave popcorn and hydrogenated oils such as margarine.

As a general rule, if you seek whole foods that were made by mother nature rather than ones that were produced in a factory, you should be fairly safe from unhealthy artificial trans fats


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