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How Plastic Harms Your Health and How to Reduce Use

Plastics have become a significant problem for our environment and our bodies. Many chemicals found in plastic, such as, BPA, BPS and phthalates have been proven to disrupt hormones, cause fertility issues and have even been linked to insulin resistance. ⁣ What are some strategies on minimizing your use of plastic?⁣ 1. Instead of buying disposable drinks such as bottled water, invest in a glass water bottle or travel container to reuse for beverages. It is estimated that in 2016 alone, 480 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide. ⁣ 2. Use reusable grocery bags. It's estimated that 1 trillion plastic bags are used every minute. ⁣ 3. Make your own cleaning products in refillable glass bottles. Not only will this minimize plastic use, but it will help you avoid toxic chemicals in your home, which can also cause issues such as hormone disruption. ⁣ 4. Eat whole, unprocessed foods. Many processed food items and prepared meals are packaged with plastic or with cardboard that has been coated with plastic. Buying in bulk can help with this. Storing food in glass storage containers or wrapping in parchment paper, rather than using plastic wrap/plastic tupperware is also a great idea. ⁣ 5. Think twice about your cookware. Invest in ceramic rather than nonstick pans. Nonstick cookware is commonly made with fluoropolymer plastic coatings.


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