- HIV nutritional management

- Metabolic Disorders

- Digestive Issues

- Lyme disease and co-infections

- Autoimmune Disorders

- Diabetes/Pre-diabetes

- Cardiovascular Support

- Weight Management

- Musculoskeletal Pain

- Headaches

- Chronic Fatigue

- Sleep Issues

- Adrenal Fatigue

- Thyroid Dysfunction

- Anxiety 

- Hormone Imbalances

- Asthma

- Kidney Health

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Dr. Bay believes that the body's natural tendency is towards wellness.  By nutritionally supporting the body through individualized nutritional and diet protocols, it allows for the body's physiology to act optimally. Structural and emotional health are also integral in proper body function, which is why she integrates chiropractic care and life coaching to address all areas of need for the body and mind.

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